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Adept Impex Private Limitedis a leading company dealing in exclusive medical herbs, food andpharmaceutical ingredients supply. We are manufacturing and exporting JerusalemArtichoke, Echinacea Purpurea, Dandelion Root and Chicory. Jerusalem Artichokeis available as fresh tuber and dried chips form, both of these contains activeingredient named as INULIN. Echinacea Purpurea whole plant can be supplied.Dandelion main product is its dried root which contains many ingredients andhas lots of medical benefits. For Chicory, we are providing dried chicory cubesand roasted chicory cubes.

We are also leading Manufacturer,Exporter ofagricultural commodities and medical herbs and Supplier of Food Ingredients.With the help of our wide distribution channel, we effectively supply Inulin,FOS and Beta Glucan.We provide all these products from reliable manufacturer.All products are scarcely found in the domestic market and applicable in DairyProducts, Low Fat, Low Calorie Foods, Baked Foods, Health Foods &Nutraceuticals and Beverages.

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Adept Impex Pvt. Ltd

Agra 10000


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