Breath Power Xtra,Best remedy for Asthma,Cough & C in Kochi

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BreathPower Xtra,Best remedy for Asthma,Cough & Congestion of the Chest,breathing problems,allergy,

How Breath Power Xtra useful toyou

Breath Power Extra helps tobreath without inconvenience.
Arrests Cough and Chest Congestion.
Expels Sputum and clears the air passage.
Removes Constrictions in the respiratorytracts.
No side effect

How Breath Power Xtra Works

Breath Power Extra works as agood Mucolytic agent.
Breath Power Extra is a useful expectorant.
Reduces inflammation and constriction ofrespiratory tract.
Dilates air ways
Reduces allergic manifestation.


Available on all leading retail outlets across theworld;like,medical shops,Ayurvedic retail stores,health food stores,supermarkets etc..etc.




Dr. K C. Abraham (ManagingDirector)

Mobile: 91-9895977460

               91 -944 712 5696

Kunnath Pharmaceuticals

OS 15 , 3rd Floor,
G C D A complex,
Marine Drive,
Kochi- 682031,
Kerala, India.,,

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Breath Power Xtra,Best remedy for Asthma,Cough & C

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