Domestic Biogas Plant for Food Wastes in Koyampattur

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We BRITTENVIROTECH, are committed to manufacturing of  wide range of industrialand domestic bio-gas system. This system covert your food waste to energy likeLPG gas. Bio-gas can burn like LPG for cooking. The clean green gas bio-gas hasno hazardous, no smell, no fear about flammable. We can provide upstairs andside of the house like 1000 ltr water tank. special feature of this bio-gassystem is no running cost, no consumables, no electrical power and noelectrical or mechanical equipments. We can get 15 Kg Bio-gas equal to LPG permonth from our daily kitchen wastes. Return of Investment is with in 2years. 


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Domestic Biogas Plant for Food Wastes

Koyampattur Best Price


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