Economic Face Reader Time Attendance System in Mumbai

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Bioenable Technologies

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+91 9370553222

Bioenable Technologies

Contact details

+91 9370553222


We Offers you New Face detection Time and Attendance VFace forTime Attendance purpose. BioEnable is market leader in Corporate TimeAttendance & Access control systems in India. It come with advanced clientserver network architecture that can support over 2000 terminals with centralAccess Server, Database & Remote management/backup features.


Face recognition time attendance systemiFace is unique face recognition access control system from Bienable Technologyleader in the time attendance and access control system. This Face &Fingerprint Time Attendance System iFace latest in the series for facerecognition device.


VFace is most advancedtime attendance system yet very easy to use Fingerprint Time attendance system& Access control machine available in India. It’s very popular withcorporate houses and can be often seen in their head office.


Face Recognition System Vface/iFacein  which is a Face detection Time andAttendance terminal with simple access control function .It captures relativeposition, size and shape of user eyes , nose, check bones and jaw features toensure accuracy of the identification .



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Economic Face Reader Time Attendance System

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