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Participating in Forex, Commodity, Equity and BullionTrading without knowledge is "equal to death".  If you prepare to lose your money, it isOK.  But if you want to make continuous Profitsin Trading, it is compulsory to learn how to trade the market.

We provide personal training on Forex Market.  Learn Technical & Fundamental Analysisand trade as a Professional Trader.

Fundamental Analysis:

·        Basics

·        Useful to Trade Currency and Gold,

·        Comfortable for Part Time Traders,

·        Monthly 10 to 15 Setups and 20 Minutes for Setupis sufficient.  Means, 4 to 5 Hours timein One Month,

·        10% to 20% Profit per month,

·        Very effective Trading Method.

Technical Analysis:

Very useful for Full Time Traders.  Learn;

·        Basics,

·        Types of Charts,

·        Candlestick Patterns,

·        Indicators,

·        Oscillators,

·        Moving Averages,

·        Fibonacci Retracements,

·        Confluence of Indicators, Oscillators, MovingAverages,

·        Money Management, etc...

Technical Analysis can be used in Currency, Stocks, Commodity and Bullion also.

" Learn, Practice and Trade".

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Forex Trading in Visakhapatnam

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