GPS Vehicle Tracking System in Ujjain

Ujjain, Vehicles
 ₹  7500


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+91 8871112446


Contact details

+91 8871112446


ITrackSystems is a Ujjain (India) based emerging software company provideslocation-based solutions and services that track or monitor movingobjects such as trucks,bus, containers, ambulances, fire brigadeunits, etc.


OurVehicle Tracking System provides near to real-time services fortracking vehicle through desktop based and dynamic web basedindexing for moving objects. ITrack system also support for fuelmonitoring (Bus, Truck, Car, Mobile Generator, JCB Vehicle, ReadyMix vehicle.) Now A day Fuel is very expensive, so, we are accuratewith our fuel monitoring system, fuel is main source of working andday by day fuel is very expensive. We cannot reduce the fuel price,but we can reduce the fuel cost with other alternatives.

Somemajor benefits of GVTS are:

  • ReduceFuel Costs

  • LimitSpeeding and Idling:

  • Eliminate UnauthorizedUsage

  • OptimizedRoutes

  • FuelReporting

  • ImproveProductivity

  • HarshBraking and Rapid Acceleration

  • AvoidOverSpeeding

  • MaintenanceAlerts:

  • TheftRecovery

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GPS Vehicle Tracking System

Ujjain 7500


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