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Galileo airline reservation system connects to Galileo GDS / Galileo Global Distribution System for worldwide flight inventory. Galileo being one of the major GDS including Amadeus and Sabre, is powering several travel booking systems.

Change your travel business dynamics by incorporating the Galileo GDS to your existing system and join the league leading online airline reservation systems. It is designed for travel management companies and let them offer B2B and B2C modules to their clients. System offers services to both agents and travel suppliers to integrate their booking engines to global distribution system.

Galileo GDS aggregates the travel contents for flights, hotels, transfers and sightseeing and shares the information to all the web portals through their proprietary APIs or web services. End users can search and book all the travel contents by searching and making payments online. The majority of fulfillment processes can be automated easily using the system. While reducing the time spent on file finishing, ticketing and invoicing it enables you to focus on value add-on services and expanding the business.

Advantage of this kind of reservation system lies in the availability of 24/7. The airline reservation system can be accessed by the any one at any point of time to book the tickets. With Galileo GDS, efficient of the travel enterprises will certainly improve. Real time access to inventories can mark your success story for long term by reducing the operation cost and increase in revenues will undoubtedly help you to expand your reach with solutions for your channels of choice.  Increase in efficiency and maximum point of sales will exceptionally boost the visibility of reaching a global community and travel buyers. Web based airline reservation application will be connected to Galileo GDS through Galileo API / Galileo XML to fetch the online inventory on Air Tickets.

PROVAB TECHNOSOFT, being a leading travel technology company, integrates Galileo GDS / Global Distribution System for global clients. It delivers comprehensive travel booking systems including flights, hotels, cars, excursions, holiday packages. Do have a look at following link for details:

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Galileo Airline Reservation System, Flight Booking System

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