Kitchen Master Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Potato @Just Rs.299 in Bagalkot

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VegetableChopper,And Finger Chipser,FrenchFry,Cutter/Salad Maker Potato Chipser,FrenchFry Cutter,Cum Salad Maker,Features:,Easy And Very, Convenient To Use,Dice,ChopOr,JulienneFruit,Vegetables,CheeseFresh Herbs And A Whole Lot More In Minutes,(Just In Seconds As Well),KeepAside The Knife,And Keep Your Eyes Wide Open When Chopping Fresh Onions -Tears-Free,All Of The Chopped,Ingredients Transfer Instantly From The CuttingSurface Into The Bowl.ProfessionalAnd,Consistent Results Every Time!,Safe ToUse Your,Fingers Never Touch The Blades.Easy To Clean Up,Fully Box Packed. moredetails call to 9663849392

Contact No:9663849392

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Kitchen Master Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Potato @Just Rs.299

Bagalkot 299


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