Kitchen Master Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Potato in Bangalore

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VegetableChopper,And Finger Chipser,French Fry,Cutter/Salad Maker Potato Chipser,FrenchFry Cutter,Cum Salad Maker,Features:,Easy And Very, Convenient To Use,Dice,ChopOr,Julienne Fruit,Vegetables,Cheese Fresh Herbs And A Whole Lot More InMinutes,(Just In Seconds As Well),Keep Aside The Knife,And Keep Your Eyes WideOpen When Chopping Fresh Onions - Tears-Free,All Of The Chopped,IngredientsTransfer Instantly From The Cutting Surface Into The Bowl.ProfessionalAnd,Consistent Results Every Time!,Safe To Use Your,Fingers Never Touch TheBlades.Easy To Clean Up,Fully Box Packed.  

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Kitchen Master Vegetable & Fruit Chopper Potato

Bangalore 299


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