Kitchen Waste Bio Gas Plant For sale in Chennai

Chennai, Electronics & Technology
 ₹  23000


Contact details

+91 9445006799


Contact details

+91 9445006799


we are the Dealers of Bio gas plant. Kitchen Bio-gas Plant produces more  methane than the Conventional Bio-gas Plant

Can easily Relocated the Bio-gas Plant because of its size.

we can Fix the plant in an area of 5 ft.x 5 ft.

Feed For Plant : Vegetable waste,Non - Veg waste, Food waste,Paper and all type of Organic Waste.

Bio Gas Plant Size

Highit 4.8 Ft

Width 4.8 Ft

Feed per day 6 Kg

Gas Produced 1.2 Kg

Max weight  1080 Kg

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Kitchen Waste Bio Gas Plant For sale

Chennai 23000


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