Learn Hindi and Foreign Languages (Japanese & German Languages) in Madurai

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Learn Hindi and Foreign Languages (Japanese & German Languages)
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Greetings from Language learners Link Madurai!!!
We are teaching Indian and Foreign Languages, like Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Japanese, German and others. Especially we are teaching Hindi by a unique method (daily 30 minutes within 3 weeks, you can speak without writing exercise, vocabulary teaching through storytelling, Video Classes, Audio Practise). We have compiled Tamil – Hindi – Hindi- English Dictionary, This is the First dictionary of this kinds. We are teaching the same through online like Skype and media’s. Our teaching method is very powerful, need not to memorize, because we teach to ask and answer for day today activities. We are teaching languages with comparing the Mother tongue and English, so the end of learning, the learner also get knowledge in Mother tongue and English.
Contact No: 9994866277
Address: 153/0, North Veli STreet, Opp.Konar Mess, Simmakkal, Madurai 625001
email: language.l.link@gmail.com

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Learn Hindi and Foreign Languages (Japanese & German Languages)

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