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+91 4844100600


liver problems;bestmedicine,Liv Power Extra - Useful in Detoxification of the Liver.A neweffective therapeutic formulation having blood spectrum medicinal andsupplementary virtues. Helps in detoxification of the liver. Liv Power Xtra isan ideal, safe, effective, non-hormonal, proprietary traditional (Ayurvedic)Potent Therapeutic formulation having broad spectrum medicinal andsupplementary virtues and efficacy, acts as prophylaxis and aids in control ofliver ailments.

Liv Power Extra Helps tomaintain healthy liver function.
Improves body metabolism.
Helps to burn fat.
Controls Cirrhosis of liver.
Beneficial to alcoholics and fast foodconsumes.
Liv Power Xtra Works as an anto-oxidant.

Available on all leading retail outlets across theworld;like,medical shops,Ayurvedic retail stores,health food stores,supermarkets etc..etc.



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+91 989 59 77460

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Kunnath pharmaceuticals,

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G C D A complex,
Marine Drive,
Kochi- 682031,           
Kerala, India.,,


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Liver problems;best medicine,Liv Power Extra - Use

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