New Apple iPhone 5s in Alwal

Alwal, Mobiles & Tablets
Brand :Apple iPhone
Model :Others
 ₹  18000


Contact details

+91 9277388392


Contact details

+91 9277388392


We are major wholesale and retails distributors of mobile phones Etc at cheap & affordable prices. EMAIL:

SKYPE: electronics.store4


APPLE IPHONE 5 64GB it cost 280 euro
APPLE IPHONE 5 32GB it cost 250 euro
APPLE IPHONE 5 16GB it cost 200 euro

APPLE IPHONE 4S 64GB it cost 200 euro
APPLE IPHONE 4S 32GB it cost 180 euro
APPLE IPHONE 4S 16GB it cost 150 euro

Apple iphone 5S 64GB it cost 400 euro
Apple iphone 5S 32GB it cost 320 euro
Apple iphone 5S 16GB it cost 280 euro

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New Apple iPhone 5s

Alwal 18000


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