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Mohamad javad Bolboli

Contact details

+91 9821559610

Mohamad javad Bolboli

Contact details

+91 9821559610


Niyak Green FarmCompany

Manufacturer of organic fertilizer in liquid form,  pure and compatible with the environment andhigh performance.


     Full fertilizer

Humi kam containing(13 elements: Humic acid ,organic materials ,nitrogen,phosphor ,potas ,sulfur ,calcium ,iron ,manganese, Zink ,copper ,Mz,Br)

      Other products

            Macro and Micro

Iron kam 11%

Zink kam 10%

Pota kam(potassium ) 50%

Nitrogen 28%

Manganese 10/5%

Copper 8%

Mz 8/5%

Phosphate –Potassium 36-44%


·        Green country with green farm`sproductions

·        The ease of doing agriculturalactivities

·        Growth of having good results

·        Can have less consumption inparticular hectare

·        Simplicity in usage

·        Right price


Niyak green farm co.                  Manufacturer of organic fertilizer                                                                                www.akam-                                                                                                        +989109206004                              +982155961055             Made in Iran            


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Niyak green farm company

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