Panasonic econ Inverter Silver CS-K24NKY Air Condi in Ahmadabad

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Contact details

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Capacity : 2.0 ton, 7.03kW

ECONAVI - Mono Sensor


Innverter 55

55°C Ambient Cooling


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Inverter 55

Inverter Control in the desert climate is now possible thanks to unique and innovative technologies.

ECONAVI - mono sensor

With the ECONAVI Mono Sensor, the air conditioner can detect wasted energy and automatically selects optimum energy-saving operation based on two factors - Low Activity Detection and Absence Detection. ECONAVI Mono Sensor gives you energy-savings up to 20%*.

AUTOCOMFORT - mono sensor

AUTOMCOMFORT Mono Sensor is used to provide comfort. High Activity Detection when the level of activity increases, and automatically increases cooling power by an amount equivalent to decreasing the set temperature by 1 degree Celsius to improve comfort.

55°C Ambient Cooling

Cooling is possible even when the outside temperature is 55°C. Featuring a highly durable compressor and fan motor to maintain room comfort even under the hottest conditions. 

Blue Fin Condenser - Lasts 3 times Longer

An Air Conditioner&s performance depends largely on its condenser, which can take a beating from exposure to salty air, wind, dust and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has found a way to triple the life of our condensers, using a layer of our original anti-rust coating. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort plus extra economy over the long run.

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Panasonic econ Inverter Silver CS-K24NKY Air Condi

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