Panasonic econ Ivory CS-UC12NKY-T Air Conditioners in Ahmadabad

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+91 9198250246


Contact details

+91 9198250246


        Panasonic Air Conditioners

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102 Aagam Complex
Nr. Vasna Tel. exchange
Ahmedabad india
Tfax.:- 91 79 26631673
Mobile 9825024651
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Capacity : 1.0 ton, 3.36kW

Odour-Removing Function

Blue Fin Condenser


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Odour-Removing Function

With this function, there’s no unpleasant odour when the unit starts up. That’s because the fan remains off momentarily, while the source of the odour inside the air conditioner is suppressed.

Airflow Direction Control (Up & Down)

The louver swings up and down automatically, distributing air throughout the room. You can also adjust the airflow angle by remote control.

Blue Fin Condenser - Lasts 3 times Longer

An Air Conditioner&s performance depends largely on its condenser, which can take a beating from exposure to salty air, wind, dust and other corrosive factors. Panasonic has found a way to triple the life of our condensers, using a layer of our original anti-rust coating. This special coating lets you enjoy more years of reliable comfort plus extra economy over the long run.

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Panasonic econ Ivory CS-UC12NKY-T Air Conditioners

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