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Mr N Bhattacharya

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+91 9830303108


EFY Tech Center Kolkata

Overview : Raspberry Pi
? Introduction of Raspberry Pi
? Introduction to onboard hardware
? Installation of operating system
? Basic set up and first boot configuration
? Day2:
? Basic Software installation
? Configuration of Network setup, Remote access and proxy setup
? Basic Linux commands
? Day3:
? Controlling GPIOs
? Interfacing of LEDs, Switches, Motors
? Interfacing of Seven Segment display, LCD, Sensors
? Day4:
? Interfacing Camera
? GPS interface
? Day5:
? Project :“Web Based Home Automation System”

Contact Information
Mr. N. Bhattacharya, Mob: 9830303108
EFY Tech Center, Kolkata

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Raspberry Pi

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