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Speakwell English Academy

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+91 9373099888

Speakwell English Academy

Contact details

+91 9373099888


Welcome to the world of Speakwell English Academy.We are oneof the leading English training solution provider based out of Mumbai withabout 160 branches across Pan India. Our course curriculum is designed in sucha manner that the learner is exposed to necessary elements of Grammar,vocabulary, conversational and communication skills, role play and many more.

     Speakwell has awell established course curriculum developed specifically for the adultlearners. We realize that the problem of English language develops in theearlier part of an individual’s life, while he is still in the school or theeducation system. Later on, this problem continues till adulthood and a feelingof inferiority complex is developed. It also helps the learner overcome the mostoften made mistakes like wrong usage of a, an or the. We have conversationalsubjects which involve extensive participation by the students and practicaltraining using skits, dramatics and other techniques.

      We haveinnumerable instances of students, who have gone through our trainingcurriculum and have transformed themselves from laggards to top performers inprofessional life as well as personal life.

      A free mobileapp. Yes! You heard it right, students enrolling into any of our branches inPune will be availed a free mobile application along with study and practice materialsat hand.

       Tilak Road : Ground Floor, Udyog Bhavan Hirabaug GanapatiChowk, Near Apsara Hospital, (m) + 91 9028955227

        So, pay heed to your long and unfulfilled desire to speakEnglish fluently. Step into our office for the best and be the best. 

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SPEAKWELL ENGLISH ACADEMY now at TILAK ROAD in PUNE. Join now, offers valid!

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