STQC Certified Fingerprint Scanner for UID AADHAR project in Pune

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Bioenable Technologies

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+91 9370553222

Bioenable Technologies

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+91 9370553222


STQC Certified Fingerprint Scanner isoffered along with Iris scanner for UID Aadhaar project. The Iris scanner isprovided STQC certified UID Aadhaar kit from Bioenable technology along withUID Aadhaar finger print scanner. This UID Aadhaar has proven algorithm whichgives world’s best accuracy and with automated iris acquisition for ease ofuse, simultaneously captures the best quality dual iris images in only seconds.The iriMagic ensures clear in-focus iris images with the sharpest iris texture,unlike most auto focusing iris cameras; accomplished via use of iriTech’spatented algorithm for determining optimal iris focus. IriTech’s SDK greatlysimplifies the application program development in the host PC and is both,powerful and easy to use.   


India’s leading Biometric CompanyBioenable Technologies offering a economic a Biometric product DactyScan84c isa Ten-print Fingerprint scanner is high-end fingerprint scanner suitable forUID Aadhaar project, Government National ID, Police, Immigration/Visaapplications. It’s also called ten fingerprint scanner, Slap fingerprintscanner or 4+4+2 fingerprint scanner.


Fingerprint Scanner – DactyScan84c in. The DactyScan84c is a 3.2” x 3.0” 10-print and rolls Live scan at 500 dpicertified by the FBI according to FBI IAFIS IQS App. F. as Live scan System aswell as for Identification Flats.



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STQC Certified Fingerprint Scanner for UID AADHAR project

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