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Praveen Kumar

Contact details

+91 8884053201

Praveen Kumar

Contact details

+91 8884053201


We are dedicated to ScaffoldingServices, Shuttering Services and Construction Services, we aim to provide thebest service and advice to our customers.


We have over 10 yearsexperience in this business.


We build and deliverinnovative scaffolding solutions in a creative, cost-effective manner.

We have designed our business to fit Bangalore constructionperfectly by fast response and emergency call out service that can take care ofliterally anything.

Our Servicesinclude:-

-         Scaffolding Salesand Hire services

-         Shuttering Salesand Hire services

-         Constructionplanning, designing and execution services

-         Layout Planningand Development        

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Scaffolding and Shuttering Services

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