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The common areas for our scope of service
guaranteed laptop repair Mumbai
No Display or Not starting
Junk Display / Display with lines or patches
Hanging problem or Frequent restarting
Overheating issues
DVD drive / LCD/ Keypad / Battery replacement
USB port or Lan port not working
Camera or Sound issues

DC jack problem or charging issues
BGA Replacement.
Hinge Replacement and Body Refabrication
Working slowly and Anti virus solutions
Formatting and other software related issues
Routine periodic Servicing
Annual Maintenance Contracts

Common Desktop problems we undertake
• No display issues
• Hanging problems
• Hard Disk issues
• Formatting and Software Reloading Windows XP, Windows 7
• Driver issues
• Monitor problems
• Motherboard repairs
• Power supplies
• Cpu’s
• Speeding up the system
• Virus issues 

Annual maintenance Contracts are a year long association with us wherein wetake care of all your IT Maintenance and subsequent needs. Although we cater toper call basis repairs too, we very strongly recommend a yearly contract as theby products in the contracts make it much more than its monetary worth. Timelysupervision, consultancy, single point service are just some addons.
Non Comprehensive Annual Contract
This covers attending to all breakdown calls, but breakdown of components asand when will be charged extra.
Comprehensive Annual Contract
This covers attending to all breakdown calls plus all components are alsocovered in the contract like a 1 year warranty.
You can choose any of the above contract depending on your budget, needs andconformability and we excel in providing the best services in the industry.

Data Recovery is one of our USP’s and specialization. We can recover Data fromall types of media like Hard disks, pen drives, card readers and other suchmedia.
Data Recovery is of Hardware level and Software level.
§ If your Hard disk or media is bad and non detectable, it is aHardware level Data recovery wherein we require replacing certain components orheads internally.
§ If your Hard disk or media is working and there is anaccidental deletion of files or formatting, then it’s a software levelrecovery.
§ We excel in recovery in any of the following below mentionedcases.
• Formatted & deleted files
• Dead/Damaged Hard Disks
• Any Media/Brand/O.S
• Virus Attack
• Accidental Formatting
• Software Failure
• Recycle Bin Recovery

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computer sales & service

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